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Auto Booking Data Retrieval
Custom Door Code Setting
Real Time Door Code Update/Cancel
Door Code Dispatch to Guests
Guest Access Auto-Runs in Background
One-Way Sync
Two-Way Sync
Door Code Update from Channel Manager
Door Code Sync with Channel Manager
Door Code Cancellation from Channel Manager
Buy and Connect Your SecureBox Controller:

• Purchase a SecureBox controller and install it. Follow the instructions in your door lock's manual to pair it with external Z-Wave devices. The process of installation and pairing is straightforward and user-friendly.
• If you need to connect your SecureBox controller with an intercom, we recommend using an intercom technician. We collaborate with skilled intercom technicians in cities nationwide.

Enjoy the Convenience:

• With the system active, you can take a back seat. Your guests will enjoy fully automated and seamless access, while you, as the host, maintain complete confidence over your property's access.

Pricing & Subscription Details:

•Both installing a SecureBox controller and subscribing to a sync service are mandatory for the system to function.

• Access to the Admin Panel and the Web App Opener is available for free, with no time limit.

• The purchase of the controller secures ownership; OS access is granted under the license agreement.

• Subscription is billed automatically via credit card or PayPal, and can be paused or cancelled at any time.

User Manuals:

Integration with OwnerRez Channel
ABUS CFA3010 Electronic Door Lock Manual
SecureBox TS-7 Controller Installation Guide for DoorKing® 1812 Classic Intercom