Mobile Guest Access: 3 Easy Steps to Connect!
  1. Explore i-Checkin system: Sign Up for free and explore Admin Panel & Web Opener.
  2. Buy Your SecureBox Controller: Install the controller to link your door lock with the i-Checkin system.
  3. Subscribe to Door Lock Sync Service: to enable real-time door lock control for your guests and staff.
Connect in 3 steps:
Steps 2 & 3 are essential for functionality.
Step 1:
Explore i-Checkin system for FREE
Step 2:
Buy SecureBox TS-7US Door Lock Controller
Step 3:
Subscribe to a Door Lock Sync Service
Admin Panel Access
Opener Web App Access
Door Lock Status
Battery Level Status
Email Support (Business Hours)
24/7 Guest & Host Support
Door Lock connectivity with i-Checkin system
199 USD
5 USD per month
Pricing & Subscription Details:

  • Both Step 2, the installation of a SecureBox controller, and Step 3, subscribing to a sync service, are mandatory for the system to function.
  • Access to the Admin Panel and the Web App Opener is available for free, with no time limit.
  • The purchase of the controller secures ownership; OS access is granted under the license agreement.
  • Subscription is billed automatically via credit card or PayPal, and can be paused or cancelled at any time.
  • If the subscription remains unpaid, the controller operates as a standard intercom, managing locks from the touch screen.
Payment Details:

  • Controller purchases are made on this website and processed via PayPal.
  • For subscription purchases, log in to the Admin Panel and proceed to the Subscription section of the Personal area.
Shipping Details:

  • Orders are shipped via courier.
  • Dispatched within 1 business day.
  • Delivery takes 3-7 days, varying by destination.