i-checkin & OwnerRez partnership announcement
We're thrilled to announce our partnership with OwnerRez!

Experience the difference of “Elite”

OwnerRez is internationally recognized as a leader in the vacation rental industry for channel management, CRM, PM, accounting, messaging, and websites. Integrate with all major vacation rental channels to seamlessly sync availability, rates, rules, and listing content. Get your own modern fast website, process payments directly, manage inquiries, communication, and guest checkout with e-sign renter agreements.

OwnerRez's secure online vacation rental software lets you work from anywhere, share with your team and know that your properties, bookings and CRM records are in good hands. What good are fancy features if they're built on a shaky foundation? OwnerRez vacation rental software has all you need to manage your properties in one spot without spreadsheets and clunky software. OwnerRez is the solid foundation that all power users and vacation rental experts start with.

Channel Management
Payment Processing
Property Management (PM)
Renter Agreements

Start Using OwnerRez
Get started with OwnerRez by visiting the OwnerRez website and check out the support doc for how to integrate OwnerRez with i-checkin.