About us

Welcome to i-Checkin GmbH, your trusted partner in providing innovative guest access systems for the accommodation industry. With our cutting-edge solutions, we offer simultaneous control of various locking systems, including intercoms, electronic and electromechanical door locks, barriers, turnstiles, and more.

Our product was meticulously developed since 2019, ensuring that we meet the evolving needs of our customers. We understand that the modern traveler seeks convenience and security, which is why we have revolutionized the guest access experience. By using the guest's smartphone as a temporary key, we provide a seamless and contactless solution that enhances both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

At i-Checkin, we go beyond convenience and security. Our system is designed to integrate marketing tools that stimulate the sale of services and goods to guests. By leveraging our innovative technology, you can effortlessly promote your offerings, enhancing your revenue streams and guest experience simultaneously.

To ensure the quality and effectiveness of our solutions, we utilize our own holiday apartments as testing grounds for UI and UX testing. This allows us to continuously refine and improve our products, ensuring that we deliver the best possible experience to our clients.

Whether you operate a holiday apartment, holiday home, hotel, or any other hospitality establishment, i-Checkin GmbH is here to empower you with our innovative guest access systems. Trust us to unlock new possibilities for your business and delight your guests with an unparalleled experience.

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